Pay your probation fees and restitution online by clicking this link: We are currently making changes to the Probation online payment system, and it will soon be integrated into the Court’s online payment system. At this time, please contact the Court to make a payment towards probation supervision fees or restitution by phone using your credit or debit card.

General Overview

The Ashtabula Municipal Court’s Probation Department oversees all defendants on placed on probation as the result of a traffic or criminal conviction. It is the goal of probation to monitor compliance with the sentence imposed by the Judge, thereby reducing involvement of further criminal activity. Probation Officers assess the needs of the defendant and monitor the compliance of their terms of probation, as determined by the Court.  Conditions of Probation can include paying restitution, alcohol and mental health assessments, counseling, community service and theft diversion programs.. Defendants are assigned to a probation Officer who will supervise the conditions of their probation and provide assistance in complying with those conditions. The standard rules of probation are provided for your convenience, but you are urged to remember that these are the standard conditions, and the Judge may impose additional conditions.

General Rules of Probation

  1. I am not to violate the laws of the United States, laws of the State of Ohio, or the Ordinances of any villages or municipality therein.
  2. I am required to reply promptly to any communication from the Court or it’s representative the Adult Probation Department or any of its Probation Officers.
  3. I will always keep my Probation Officer informed of my residence and place of employment. I will obtain permission from my Probation Officer before changing my residence or place of employment.
  4. I will not leave the State of Ohio without permission of the Adult Probation Department.
  5. I will comply with all orders given to me by my Probation Officer and/or any authorized representative of the Court, including any written instructions issued at any time during the period of my probation.
  6. I will not enter upon the grounds of any corrections facility nor attempt to visit any prisoner without the written permission of my Probation Officer nor will I communicate with any prisoner without first informing my Probation Officer of the reason for such a communication.
  7. I will not purchase, possess, use, own, or have under my control any firearm, deadly weapons, ammunition or dangerous ordinance.
  8. I will not possess, use, purchase, or have under my control any narcotic drug or other controlled substance, including any instrument, device or other object used to administer drugs or prepare them for administration, unless it is lawfully prescribed for me by a licensed physician. I agree to inform my Probation Officer promptly of any such prescriptions and I agree to submit to drug testing if required by the Adult Probation Department and/or the Court.
  9. I will report any arrest, citation of violation of the law, conviction, or any other contact with a Law-Enforcement Officer to my Probation Officer no later than the next business day.
  10. I agree to a search without warrant of my person, my motor vehicle, or my place of residence by a Probation Officer at any time.
  11. I am required to keep my appointments with my Probation Officer. If for any reason you are unable to report as directed it is your responsibility to notify your Probation Officer immediately.
  12. I am not to associate with juveniles, with anyone on Probation or Parole, or with anyone having a criminal record.
  13. I am to pay all fines or if eligible, participate in the Work Off Your Fine Program. I am to pay all court costs and all restitution within a period of time specified by the Court.
  14. I also agree to and will follow any Special Conditions imposed by the Court or the Adult Probation Department.
  15. I am to pay a monthly Supervision Fee: $20-Supervised, $15-Unsupervised or Restitution Only.

Defendants on Probation are required to meet with their Probation Officer on the assigned date and time. Failure to report may result in a violation of Probation.

The Probation Department is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Restitution Program

The Restitution Program ensures that defendants are making restitution to their victims in a safe and accountable manner. The program establishes what losses were incurred and calculates a payment schedule with the defendant to ensure the restitution is made prior in accordance with the Court order.

The Restitution Program accepts payments from the defendants via cash, money order, check, MasterCard or VISA. Payments are forwarded to the victims by the Probation Department after the first of every month.

Pay your probation fees and restitution online by clicking this link: