Adult Probation Department

110 W. 44th St. 
Ashtabula, OH 44004
Phone:  440-992-7131
Fax:  440-296-9908

Probation Officers

  • Jill Bowers                       Office:  440-992-7133       Cell:  440-645-2992                    
    • Senior Officer   
  • David Guglielmo            Office:  440-992-7134       Cell:  440-645-2941         
    • Recovery Court Officer
  • Andrew Schiemann                     Office:  440-992-7132       Cell:  440-381-0152      

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General Overview

The Ashtabula Municipal Court’s Adult Probation Department oversees all defendants placed on probation as the result of a traffic or criminal conviction. It is the goal of probation to monitor compliance with the sentence imposed by the Judge, thereby reducing involvement of further criminal activity. Probation Officers assess the needs of the defendant and monitor the compliance of their terms of probation, as determined by the Court.  Conditions of Probation can include paying restitution, drug, alcohol assessments and mental health assessments, counseling, community service and theft diversion programs.. Defendants are assigned to a Probation Officer who will supervise the conditions of their probation and provide assistance in complying with those conditions. The standard rules of probation are provided for your convenience, but you are urged to remember that these are the standard conditions, and the Judge may impose additional conditions.

Supervised Probation Rules

1. Obey all laws
2. Reply to any communications from your Officer
3. Report any address/phone/employment changes
4. Remain in the State of Ohio, unless given permission by your Officer
5. Comply with any written instructions or orders issued by your Officer
6. Report any contact with Law Enforcement within 24 hours
7. Keep all appointments with your Officer
8. Pay all financial obligations owed to the Court, including fees and restitution
9. Sign any release of information for referral agencies
10. Waive extradition from another state if needed
11. Abstain from illegal drugs, subject to random testing
12. Agree to search without warrant
13. Maintain sobriety and abstain from alcohol (if indicated)
14. No association with select individuals as indicated by PO (if indicated)
15. You cannot purchase, own, possess or use a firearm or deadly weapon
16. You are required to pay a monthly supervision fee: $25.00 Supervised or $20.00 Unsupervised

However, the Judge may order additional requirements, known as terms or sanctions that a defendant must comply with, such as, but not limited to:

jail, restitution, no contact with victim, alcohol and/or drug evaluations and treatment, house arrest, curfews, alcohol and/or drug screening, abstinence from the use of alcohol and/or drugs, no bars or establishments who serve alcohol, seek and obtain employment and/or GED, mental health evaluation and treatment, anger management/domestic violence treatment, theft diversion program, individual counseling with a certified therapist/agency, no purchase/own guns and/or other weapons, community service work, driving programs, etc.

The Probation Department is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Closed on all Federally Observed Holidays