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**If you get a message about system maintenance when performing a case search, simply try your search again after one minute.**

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The new case search uses an improved “captcha” product: Google reCaptcha. Rather than trying to decipher difficult to read letters and numbers, you simply check the box that says “I am not a robot” and wait for the green check mark to appear before selecting the “Find” button. You may be prompted to select images to verify before the check mark appears. These are simple challenges such as: “Select all pictures with street signs” or “click on all images of water”. If your browser is configured to use cookies, Google reCaptcha will remember you after verifying images a few times and the green check mark will appear instantly. Please note there are two captchas on each case search page: one at the top for searches by case number and another at the bottom for searches by name or hearing date.

For more information on Google reCaptcha and why a captcha product is needed for the case search, please click here.


Today’s Dockets

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