Jury Summons/Questionnaire:
Each prospective juror will receive a juror questionnaire at the beginning of his or her 4-month service. The questionnaire should be sent back immediately to the Court. At that time if you have a doctor’s excuse please submit it. You will then be sent a summons for a particular Friday. Along with the summons will be an excuse form, if you do need to be excused for that particular case you need to fill out the excuse immediately and bring it up to the clerk’s office. The Judge is the only person that can excuse you once you are selected for a particular case. Each juror is required to phone the office on Thursday afternoon after 4:30p.m. (440-992-7198) to see if the trial is still scheduled.

Your Compensation:
Each juror that appears for a particular jury trial will receive $15.00 per day. This voucher will be sent to you from the Ashtabula County Auditors Office approximately one (1) month after you appear.

Your Attire:
Please use your own judgment, but be comfortable. Tank tops and midriff tops are inappropriate attire.

Questions About your Jury Service:
If you have any questions, please contact the Jury Commissioner, at 440-992-7150 or 440-992-7109. If mailing any documents please send them to the Ashtabula Municipal Court, 110 West 44th St, Ashtabula, Ohio, 44004.

Postponing Your Jury Service:
If you are unable to serve as a juror, please submit your jury excuse immediately. The Judge is the only person who can excuse you.

Court Location and Parking:
The Ashtabula Municipal Court is located at 110 West 44th St., The Annex Building. The court is in the same building as the Police Department, on the 2nd floor. Parking is available in the front of the building. Report to the Clerks window and they will direct you to the Courtroom.

The Judge will excuse you for lunch. You will have comfort breaks during the trial. The court provides coffee and soft drinks.