Frequently Asked Questions…


Can I change my Court date?

If you are scheduled for a traffic arraignment, we may grant up to a one (1) week continuance over the phone. If you need more than one (1) week, you must sign a time waiver or get permission from the Judge.

If you wish to change any court date other than a traffic arraignment, you must submit a continuance in writing and at least three (3) days in advance. A copy of the written continuance must include a certificate of service and be served on the Solicitor’s Office. The continuance request is then given to the Judge and she will grant or deny the motion.

Is there a warrant out for my arrest?

You may call the Clerk’s Office to find out if you have a warrant. The warrant will not be recalled until you appear either voluntarily in front of the Judge or you are arrested by the arresting agency.

When am I scheduled for Court?

Hearing notices are provided for all court cases, usually in-person or via postal mail. You can also look it up on our web site. If you call the office, we need your name or case number.


When is a prisoner going to Court?

On each working day, we address prisoners that were arrested the prior day. We usually cannot give you a definite time as our docket is scheduled in advance. Prisoners are brought to court throughout the day and hearings are not scheduled.

What is the disposition of a case?

Since it is public information, we will give you the information over the phone. You can also look it up on the web site.

Do we have service on a civil case?

This information may be obtained by reviewing the online case docket on the web site or by contacting the Clerk’s office.

What is the filing fee?

All filing fees and court costs are posted on the website, but we will also give you this information over the phone.


How much is my traffic citation?

A traffic waiver schedule is posted on the web site. If you are unsure what you were cited for or have difficulty finding your waiver price, please contact the Clerk’s Office.

My jail date is coming up can I have an extension?

You may file a written motion to change you jail report date and the Judge will make a ruling.

Can I speak to the Judge?

Everyone wants to speak to the Judge. She cannot speak to you about any case that is pending in the Court. Each deputy clerk is willing to help you with your problem and if the Judge needs to know anything, the deputy clerk will speak to the Judge for you and have an answer as soon as possible. You may write a letter to the Judge, which will become public record in the case.

Does the Judge perform marriages?

Yes, Judge DiGiacomo will marry you. You must call and make an appointment. Please make sure you have your marriage license, which can be obtained from Probate Court in Jefferson. If you come without any witnesses, someone from the office will witness the ceremony.

What kind of payments do you accept?

In person: cash, check, money order, credit cards

Via phone or online: credit cards

Via mail: check, money order

Bonds must be posted with cash or credit cards only, no checks.

All credit card transactions will be charged a processing of 2.45% ($3.00 minimum) by Municipay, our credit card processor. This fee will show as a separate transaction on your bank statement.

How can I contact the Bureau of Motor Vehicles?

The phone numbers and address are:

Toledo Area
4452 Heatherdowns Blvd.
Toledo, Oh 43614

Cleveland Area
5745 Chevrolet Blvd.
Parma, Oh 44130

Youngstown Area
Plaza Place
101 Federal Plaza, East
Youngstown, Oh 44503-1846

Cincinnati Area
1236 W. Kemper Rd
Cincinnati, Oh 45240

 Columbus (Main Office)
4300 Kimberly Parkway
Columbus, Oh 43232

What is the phone number for the Ashtabula License Bureau?
The license bureaus number is (440) 964-7665.

What is the phone number for the Ashtabula County Public Defenders office?
Their phone number is (440) 998-2628.

I was served with a subpoena, what should I do?
If the bailiff served you with a subpoena, and you have questions about it, please contact the City Solicitors office, 992-7101. That office is who requested you for a particular case. We only do the paper work and we do not have any information about why you were subpoenaed.

What is the balance on my back fines?
This information is viewable on a per-case basis on our website or by contacting the Clerk’s Office.

What is the phone number for the Ashtabula Court of Common Pleas?
The number is 576-3637.

How can I obtain driving privileges?
To obtain driving privileges, we need some information from you. The Judge cannot always grant driving privileges. If you are eligible, make sure you have proof of insurance, employment, school, doctor’s appointments or any other necessity that you would need to drive to. Please put all of this information in writing. You may also be required to pay a $26.00 fee to join the NAP (Notification of Active Probationers) program.

I didn’t have insurance at the time of my citation is it to late for me to purchase it?
It would be too late if you already received a citation. You will get a 90 day license suspension on your first offense. You are required to purchase it; in Ohio all drivers are supposed to be insured. When you renew your license, the license bureau has you sign a document saying you have insurance.

I have a default hearing scheduled. Do I have to appear?
In civil cases, default hearings are scheduled once service is perfected on one or more defendants, unless an answer is filed. We do suggest you contact the attorney and try to make arrangements if you owe the money. Once the Judge signs a judgment the plaintiff will try and collect the money, by garnishing your wages, attaching your bank account or putting a lien on your property. If you deny you owe the amount or the claim altogether put this in writing within 28 days of receiving your civil summons and send us the original, a copy to the attorney and keep a copy for yourself. This case will then be set for Pre-trial.

Do I have to obtain an attorney?
You are constitutionally guaranteed the right to represent yourself in court. You cannot represent another person or business entity unless you are an attorney. If you choose to represent yourself, you will be expected to present yourself and your case within the Rules established by the Court and the law. The Clerk’s office cannot give you legal advice, and the Judges and Magistrates cannot give you legal advice. If you have any questions, you should contact an attorney.

In a criminal/traffic case, you may request a court appointed attorney on all offenses where jail is possible. We have indigency forms here at the office. You must fill it out answering all questions, on the total income of the household. The Judge will then look it over to see whether or not you qualify for a public defender. Please do this on your arraignment date. There is a $25.00 filing fee.

Can I file my own eviction?
Yes, if you know the proper procedures. The deputy clerks cannot give you any legal advice.

I posted the bond for someone can I have it back?
All 10% bonds are in the defendant’s name. This is explained at the time the bond is posted. When the case is over, the bond will be applied or returned less 10% and the check will be in the defendant’s name. The bond also may be forfeited if you miss a court date and/or a warrant is issued.

I won my small claims. Why can’t the Court make the Defendant pay?

The Court cannot make the defendant pay you. The role of the Court is to determine whether or not you are entitled to the money for which you sued. If the defendant does not pay the judgment, the court will give you the information about wage garnishments and bank attachments. There are additional fees when you file a garnishment or bank attachment. You may add these extra costs if you are entitled to court costs as part of your judgment.